GingerBread man arrives at Google

The upcoming Android 2.3, an operating system by Google is planned to come with a code name of GingerBread. As per the latest news, it is enquired that the GingerBread arrives at the Google headquarter. Google with its already released Androids running successfully, and after its launch of the Android 2.2 “Foryo”, is now looking forward to the Android 2.3. The company has been raising high with its Android operating systems, acquiring a greater share of the market.As the exact number of the latest Android has not been disclosed, it is expected to be either v2.3 or v3.0 as per the information received so far. Google says that the WebM support for Android will be accompanied in Android Gingerbread, which is slated for a Q4 2010 releaseOne of the fastest growing operating system is been incorporated with all the latest handsets and is also running successfully all around. The reason being forthis tremendous growth of the operating system is that it is been equippedthe EVO 4G,Samsung Galaxy S, Droid X and Motorola Droid. The models running with the Android 2.2 measures to be just 3.3 percent but the number is soon expected to increase. The only handset with the 2.2 Android is the Nexus. And the devices moving forward with the 2.1 version of the Android accounts to 55 percent of devices.One of the fastest growing operating system is been incorporated with all the latest handsets and is also running successfully all around. The reason being forthis tremendous growth of the operating system is that it is been equipped into the EVO 4G,Samsung Galaxy S, Droid X and Motorola Droid. The models running with the Android 2.2 measures to be just 3.3 percent but the number is soon expected to increase. The only handset with the 2.2 Android is the Nexus. And the devices moving forward with the 2.1 version of the Android accounts to 55 percent of devices.As the report says, there are still more than 40% of handsets possessing the older version i.e. Android 1.5 and Android 1.6, these devices include the Cliq, Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini, Motorola, etc. It is expected that the number is soon to decrease for the use of these older versions of Android and all the handsets would get equipped with the latest and the most enhanced version of the Google’s Android. Some of the expected features of the latest Android GingerBread, which is soon to visit the mobile world are : With the use of the Android Operating System, it is possible for the customers to avail the facility of video chat similar to that of the Gtalk’s desktop, creation of applications would be allowed with Androids, voice calls over wi-fi and data is to made available to the customers, the icons are supposed to be redesigned.

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Tips to buy a Computer Desk

To view desktop computers price you can check some online websites and compare. Right Height: The desk must accord with your height while you are sitting. It must not be too high or too low as compared to your height. If you don’t buy desk with proper height, it will cause back pain resulting from sitting for hours. A computer desk with adjustable height is always preferred.

Keyboard Tray: Keyboard tray should be just 28 to 30 inches above the floor so that there is no pressure on your wrists and you could move wrists freely and according to vastu shastra for home also. The keyboard must be at the level of your elbows. Tilted keyboard trays can help you to reduce repetitive stress on your fingers.

Required Distance: At least a distance of 18 inches should be maintained between your face and monitor so that you need not extend your arms away from your body while typing. A computer desk should provide full comfort and position.

Size of Monitor: The top of monitor should be at the same level as your eyes; and center of the screen below your eyes. It should be fitted on the desk at the level where your eyes and neck could feel cool or relaxed. The monitor should be in front of your keyboard so that you need not turn your neck to watch the screen.

Desk Space: The desk you choose should have enough space to adjust the position of your computer if required. The desk should have extra space to write letters and do other important works like signing documents or bills.

Connecting Wires: Wires should be connected properly. Loose wires are quite unsafe because wires carry electrical charges which can short circuit if touched with metal. They can cause serious bodily injuries to all around.

General Tips: Keep your computer desk and monitor free of dust, dirt and liquids. Don’t serve any liquid or food stuff on computer desk because they can damage the surface. Use compressed air (air with straw inserted in the nozzle) to remove dust particles. Always clean the desk a soft cotton cloth. Also keep in mind the dimensions of the room.

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How to Put Music on PSP from Computer

Sony’s PlayStation Portable is a versatile entertainment center which offers more than just gaming. You can connect to the internet, watch videos and even listen to music. For all those of you who have recently become proud owners of your own PlayStation Portable, I share some tips on how to put music on PSP and convert it into your music player. Most tech savvy guys will have no problems in figuring out how to do it but for those who are not, this guide will be helpful.

With devices like the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod and PSP, a seamless integration of multimedia facilities has occurred. Your cell phone is more than just a phone, it is a smart phone now. Similarly, your gaming console is more than just a gaming device. It can be used to listen to your favorite music as well. Though the device memory is too low to store music, thanks to the extendable memory available in the form of a memory stick, you can have ample storage space for your music. In fact, the latest PSP Go has an internal flash memory of 16 GB, instead of a UMD disk with an additional facility to have 32 GB of extendable memory.

With that much of internal memory you can store loads of games, videos and music on it. The sound quality is guaranteed by Sony’s impeccable record in manufacturing music players. You can avail the various PSP downloads available at Sony online store. You might also want to know how to download PSP movies and how to download PSP games. Let me now explain how to put music on PSP and use it as a portable music player.

How to Put Music on PSP: Steps
If you are familiar with psp music download instructions, then all you need to know is how to put those downloaded files on PSP. The method of transferring music or videos to PSP is quite simple and straightforward. Before we proceed, let me list out the things that you’ll need. You will need a memory stick, USB cable, your PSP and a DVD or CD ripper along with an MP3 convertor. Last but not the least, you will need a computer with a USB port. Let us see how to put music on PSP using all the above mentioned things.

Step 1: Rip and Convert Music To MP3 Format
The PSP supports the MP3 format for playing songs. So in case the songs you plan to copy from DVD or CDs on to your PC are not in MP3 format, you will have to rip it and convert it into MP3 format. You will need a DVD ripping software, along with an MP3 converter. If you have iTunes program on your PC, then your job is simple as most of your music is already in MP3 format.

Step 2: Connect Memory Stick With PSP
In case you have an older PSP, you may not have enough internal memory to store the music and you will need to connect the memory stick after switching on the gaming console. Go to the settings through the home button of the PSP. Search for USB connection and follow it up by pressing the ‘X’ button. Access the ‘PSP’ folder on the memory stick or create one in case there is none. Further create a ‘Music’ folder within the PSP folder. Then the actions shift to your PC.

Step 3: Connect Computer With PSP Using USB Cable
Connect the PSP with the computer using the USB cable. Locate the removable disk icon through ‘My Computer’ and open the music folder you created before.

Step 4: Transfer Music Files
Now we arrive at the last step of the whole procedure. Copy and paste all your MP3 music files into this folder and your job is done. Play the music directly through your PSP!

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What Should I know Before Buying Computer?

We can’t now imagine our life without computer. In the realm of both work and entertainment, computers have become an integral part. If you are planning to buy a computer for your home use or for your child’s education, you should have some basic knowledge about the components of a computer. You certainly have heard about that computer contains hardware components like motherboard, hard disk, RAM etc. but don’t have any idea what exactly they are or how they function. In this article you will get some idea about all these key components of a computer.  

There are many computer repair companies that offer technical support to the computer users to resolve any and all types of computer issues. Before buying a computer you can also get in touch with such as computer help provider so that you can buy the right computer for your use.

Well, when thinking of a computer what first comes in our mind? It is obviously a monitor and a case (that feature CPU and other PC components). The PC Monitor is an output device where we visualize movies, games, and programs, etc. This is one of the most important components of a computer. Older model monitors were known as CRT monitors as they featured a Cathode Ray Tube. Its electricity consumption was very high. Off late, LCD and LED monitors have taken the place of CRT monitors. These monitors are very slim and save electricity in a great amount.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is considered as the brain of the computer. The processor accomplishes all the instructions that are given by the other computer hardware components such as the keyboard and mouse.

Let’s have a look at the motherboard. This is the board where the CPU, the memory, BIOS, CMOS, Video devices, sound devices, storage devices, and chipsets, etc. are fixed. It is one of the most important components of a computer system and it is always suggested to go for a good quality motherboard while buying a computer.

The storage device of the computer is known as the “hard drive.” All the data such as documents, songs, movies, and pictures, etc. are stored on the hard drive. If you want to store a lot of movies and songs then you have to go for a hard drive with higher capacity. There are a number of good brands to choose from. You can go for a hard drive of one Terra Bytes.

For your personal computer, the DVD-ROM is a very essential. Of late, the popularity of flush drives have increased enormously but still DVDs ROM is considered as one of the key components of a computer system.

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Samsung Captivate Contract: A good phone

Samsung Captivate is another good Android touchscreen phone from the makers of Samsung. This phone was announced on June 2010 and was released on July 2010. It weighs around 118 grams and it’s size dimension is 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm. It is available in Black and Grey color.

It has a super AMOLED touchscreen with a color display of 16M. It has accelerometer sensor enhanced for UI auto rotate. It has multi touch input method along with touch sensitive controls. It has inbuilt speakerphone with 3.5 mm audiojack. It has an internal memory of 16 GB with MicroSD card slot and the expandable memory is expandable upto 32 GB.

This phone is equipped with Bluetooth v3.0 and has USB card slot of v2.0 microUSB. It has 5 MegaPixel camera with features with auto focus, smile and face detection, touch focus and geo-tagging so that you can capture your precious moments and share them with family and friends.

It is geared up with v2.1 Android Operating system. It gives it an edge over other phones in the similar category. It also has ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor for fast processing. It is also geared up with A-GPS support and MP3 and MP4 player, Organizer, Digital Compass, Google Maps, Gmail, Image and video editor, voice memo, You Tube, Voice memo and calendar.It has standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery which gives a stand by talktime of 750 hours in 2G and 576 hours in 3G and talktime of 13 hours 30 minutes in 2G and 6 hours 30 minutes in 3G.

So this trendy handset is available in market with exciting offers and smart deals at Samsung Captivate Contract. The Samsung Captivate contract deal is available on networks like Vodafone, orange, T mobile, O2 and Three. This Samsung Captivate Contract deal comes with a contract period of 12 to 24 months and the costumers are required to make payments monthly. Online portals are also made available and this is the best option to get your phone without any problem.

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LG Optimus One P500 – A Gadget that will Live with You

LG Optimus One P500 has come up with advanced Android v2.2 Froyo OS and 600 MHz processor to smarten up the 3G further. The beautiful touchscreen smartphone was released in October, 2010 with all useful and modern features.

Looks Precious

Great example of the utilization of the 129 grams material can be seen here by just having a glance at 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 mm casing of LG Optimus One P500. 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen conveys the commands to the brain of the gadget as well as adds charm to its appearance. 256K colors compatible display serves 320 x 480 pixels resolution visuals. Both sensors i.e. proximity and accelerometer work smartly to functionalize auto turn-off and UI auto-rotate feature respectively.

Get all Your Work Done

LG Optimus One P500 co-operates with advanced text files and can display them through document viewer. Moreover, you will be having the assistance of digital compass, A-GPS navigator, Google Search and Maps all the time. YouTube, Gmail and Google Talk can be directly accessed on this handset as well as social networking integration is there to provide additional power to its users. Apart from GPRS and EDGE services, LG Optimus One P500 also serves new age Internet connectivity options like 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi with HTML web browsing facility.

Make it Personal

Keep your memories safe on this pocket-sized device by clicking pictures (2048×1536 pixels) and recording videos (VGA at18 fps rate) of every lovely thing, place, person or incident through built-in 3.15 MP camera. LG Optimus One P500 can play music and video of these formats MP3, WAV, WMA, eAAC+, DivX, Xvid, MP4, H.264, H.263 and WMV. You can enjoy as well as download games on this phone. Stereo FM radio is there to be with you for 24 hours. 3.5 mm audio jack support, Bluetooth connectivity and USB compatibility make LG Optimus One P500 able to approach other appliances. 170 MB internal space and up to 32 GB external support (2 GB microSD card included) can let it save huge amount of data.

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LG LTE phone- leaked

Next on the list of leaks is LG mobiles in India LTE phone powered by Android. The hand set is expected to make a launch in the early months of 2011. This one of the most awaited hand set with some exceptional features. The photograph of LG LTE hand set is available now. The photograph looks exceptionally tempting with a real slim body. So slim that its difficult to imagine as how so many features are collected in such a body. The photograph also reveals many useful information, that includes HD camera which is expected to give 720p or 1080p video recording ( good enough to impress anyone). Some dedicated keys are also visible on the sides of the hand set which include voice controller and camera key. The hand set has an ultra sleek look with attractive cuts on the body. Dedicated keys are placed in a real delicate manner. This all touch phone is really going to attract the youngsters. The hand set is assumed to be powered by Android, which will certainly add to its popularity. But still the most attractive feature is its support to LTE. LTE can be called as the 4G technology. This is going to be the biggest advantage of this hand set. LTE is the future of telecom industry and this will bring us a step closer to it.Talking about LG, the company is not really known for its excellence in mobile technology, as no solid evidence is available yet but certainly its not worth commenting on future as it might surprise us with some exceptional features.Recently Verizon has made a promise of launching at least 6 LTE supportive hand sets in the first half of 2011. So with this it can easily be derived that LG is one of them.LG to launch optimus 7 with windows new update with new window 7.

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Computer Networking Devices For Your Home

Building your home network and networking devices together may seem intimidating at first. It should not be as scary as it may seem. Actually as long as you know a little bit about networking, and how different systems work, you could have your computer networking devices speaking to one another directly.

There are two different types of networks you can create. Are you looking for a wireless network, or a hard wired network? What are the differences? As you might have guessed, the hardwired network is when there are visible wires going from computer networking devices to networking devices. It is not a bad setup, and sometimes people find their Internet connection is a lot faster. The downside to it is you do not’ have the freedom to move your networking devices when the time comes that you want to change their position. You can change things around, but if the wires do not reach, or the wires show, it could become a mess quickly.

A wireless network is a lot easier to set up today. Most all network devices can be found in both wired, and wireless. A wireless device might cost a little more money, but you are getting the flexibility of moving your computer networking devices anywhere within the home. The advantage of being able to do that is enough for most people to pay the extra money for each device.

No matter what type of network you choose you will need a router. The router is what will determine the signal from your Internet service provider and assess the addresses that are in the packets and route them appropriately. Routers today often work exceptionally similar to a switch and hub. A switch is used to assess the addresses in the DLL and route them and forward them to the different places on the LAN. Now the routers do that for you too. A hub is remarkably similar to a switch. Hubs are perfect for a wired network in which you need more ports to plug your components into.

All networking devices will go directly into the router, hub, or switch. You can buy printers, scanners, servers, extra hard drive space, etc. There are so many different networking components you can purchase to put on your home network. You will always want to make sure that your signal is strong enough to support your network. If it is not strong enough, you can purchase repeaters which will throw your signal and make your network faster and stronger. This is extremely similar to a signal amplifier also.

There are so many different ways to create your home network. If you start with a list of what you will need your network to consist of, you can then plan on how many ports you will need on your router, hub, or switch. This is the first phase of properly having your computer networking devices interact properly with one another.

The next step is trial and error. You will need to create your network and see that the speed of the network is OK for what you want. If it is slow you will need to strategically place devices that throw your signal further.

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The Wildfire By HTC Is A Perfect Phone For Social Networking Fans

HTC has produced a variety of Android smartphones within the previous few months. One of the more notable is the HTC Wildfire, which is more pocket friendly and arguably more attractive in comparison with quite a lot of it’s sister units.



Utilizing a varying assortment of capabilities, it becomes an appropriate touchscreen Mobile for the social networking follower.



The aesthetic side of the HTC Wildfire is without a doubt to begin with a lot like that of the HTC Desire, having said that it is ever so slightly more of a compact handset due to the curved off lines as well as a plush visual appeal with a soft-touch feel making it a comfortable phone to carry and operate especially in addition to it’s smaller measurements and light-weight at an insignificant 118 g.



The constraints of the 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touch-screen make it possible for up to a whopping 16 m tones to be viewable in 240x 320 pixels. The touchscreen delivers fantastic presentation of video and images. The capacitive touchscreen also comes with other attributes including multi touch input system, touch-sensitive shortcuts, a functional accelerometer sensor for lightning fast rotation of the HTC Sense UI. An optical track-pad delivers a fantastic alternative way of negotiating the HTC Sense user-interface.



The hugely tweakable UI supplies a unique alternative to the traditional Android OS user-interface. Though Android OS V 2.1 is the OS of preference, HTC Sense makes it possible for owners to customize the home screen appearance by utilising the skins and widgets of their own personal preference and also a wide range of additional elements including wallpapers and imagery.



Owners of the HTC Wildfire are made aware to received phonecalls and sms messages due to the great conjunction of vibration & ring-tones, though they keep control over the ringtone thanks to the potential to utilise MP3 files as ring tones allowing for a level of personalisation. A handsfree feature and a 3.5 MM audio plug present possibilities for hands-free talking together with the use of earbuds for enjoying tracks through the versatile multi media player.



Along with 384 mega-bytes of random access memory (RAM) the HTC Wildfire features expandable memory space on account of the SD card slot. By simply employing this capability, owners have the ability to deploy a memory card of up to a whopping 32 Gigabytes which grants them the capability to retain massive numbers of files. These could comprise of music and video files in addition to docs as well as more contact data for example.



The HTC Wildfire boasts World-wide-web surfing through either Wi-Fi wireless connections along with HSDPA at 7.2 megabytes / second. Wi-Fi delivers the most effective connection by simply taking advantage of localized Wireless Networks whenever they are offered. More connectivity attributes include GPRS & EDGE and also Bluetooth & USB connections for linking to other compatible accessories.




A handy and awesome 5 mega-pixel digital video camera is of course provided that provides a selection of photo tweaking capabilities and also the power to film video footage. An Led flash is provided as a way to combat the impediment of taking images in minimal light scenarios.



Regardless of what you are seeking from a Android Smartphone, the HTC Wildfire is highly likely to tick a good number of, if not all the boxes. The social networks features along with the availability of numerous colour alternatives, and also the reliable Android OS the HTC Wildfire is a Touch screen phone that is certainly guaranteed to turn heads for all the right causes.



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Nine Important Things You Must Know About The Desire High Definition Mobile

The next-gen successor to the Desire is really a 1Ghz-packing, Google android 2.two touch-phone along with severe press specifications.

The particular last Desire had been coated within fairly vintage, and why don’t we face this, serviceable Teflon. Desire Hd has had the leaf out of your HTC Legend’s fashion ebook which is built from smooth, great aluminium. With 123x68x11.8cm, the width will be on elemen with the Windows-powered Hd2 mobile phone : the., huge. The four.3-inch WVGA touch-screen is actually capacitive along with multi-touch as well as has been quick as well as reactive, regardless of whether directing or perhaps typing.

HTC’s new Perception Urinary incontinence appears the same with first glimpse, together with seven customisable homescreens and also inside the display models, which clock/weather golf widget front as well as center. The goods are within the widgets as well as additional email and also routes functions although. Such as Apple’s iphone four, the Desire Hd includes an ebooks widget where you are able to entry your own digital titles. There is additionally a new Places application which will use your Gps signal to be able to give you the particular closest points regarding curiosity for your requirements — buying, restaurants and so forth. Check out our HTC Perception story for that full particulars upon the brand new e mail and also routes.

All of us additionally acquired any opportunity to be able to perform using the eight-meg wedding photographer, the most effective camera on virtually any HTC phone nevertheless. Coolest of most had been the numerous picture effects that let you play all around along with every picture before you even struck the actual shutter. So you are able to attempt upon black/white, sepia, vignette and also a lot more effects to discover how it seems prior to you snap.

Retaining the actual 1Ghz processor chip humming will be 768 associated with Memory, along with one.5GB regarding on the deck of storage space in order to maintain your own Hd films and also audio. It is possible to expand which in a very microSD position. HSDPA and Wi-Fi regarding speedy interenet is actually a given, because will be the 3.5mm audio jack.

The particular eight-megapixel digital camera furthermore records 720p video, although we didn’t get a probability to be able to check in which out there.

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