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The AVG software covers a range of products that help with Internet security, anti-virus protection and offers identity protection that helps protect your device from identity theft and unknown malware threats. AVG gives you a strong Firewall that equips your computer with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, a LinkScanner, an Anti-Rootkit, a web shield, and a security tool bar. These will work together to identify threats on your computer to make sure to eliminate them and allow you control over the management of them. The Free Edition of this comes with a few downsides. Though it allows you to perform full scans and it reveals all the threats and spy ware on your computer, it doesn’t have the root kit that will take them off your computer. Also, it doesn’t offer any outside support that you can contact if you need help, nor does it offer any server support and cannot scan network drives.

Another one is McAfee VirusScan. This antivirus program is perfect for home or office use and merges the services of the antivirus, firewall, and anti-spy ware capabilities. This includes on-access file scanning, inbound and outbound firewall protection, spy ware protection, daily updates, a rootkit detection, a website advisor that performs tests on each site you visit for evidence of spam, malware, an phishing. Also, it monitors your computer for any suspicious activities that may be performed by a hacker or the invasion of a virus. Finally, this device is compatible with only Windows from Windows 2000 all the way to Windows 7.

Another helpful anti-virus program is PC Tools’ Spyware Doctor, which scans your personal computer for any spy ware by examining all files on the hard drive, in your computer’s memory, and the registry and cookies. Then it quarantines all unrecognized and potentially harmful threats and prevents these threats from being saved to the disk. You can manage all the threats and choose the ones you want to remove, as well. It has real-time protection and eliminates most all threats that appear on the computer, but it has also faced some criticism about its ability to remove all threats.

Another top spy ware protection is Norton AntiVirus. This provides malware prevention and removal of threats and spy ware. It also uses signatures to identify viruses and even can filter spam from your email and further protect you from hackers and threats. Undergoing many variations, it is compatible with Windows and the Mac.

Finally, Avast is another anti virus software that includes a file system shield that shields your computer from viruses and threats, as well as a mail shield that blocks all hackers and spam emails. A web shield keeps your browser safe from accessing dangerous and potentially viral sites and it also protects you during instant messaging. Including an anti-rootkit and anti-spy ware capabilities, this will scan your computer and quarantine all threats in a Virus Chest where you can then manage them and decide which ones are actual threats and which ones are false reports. You can even report your own threats and throw them into the chest.

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Vo-tech Masonry Programs Adopt Additional Learning Method

Many students have a difficult time deciding what career field to pursue. While girls will mostly venture out into the field of nursing, boys will usually enroll in a building construction or woodworking class. It is not at all surprising to learn that many students are taking advantage of the masonry programs using the tutor saliba learning method that is being offered at some high schools throughout the US. The program exposes students to educational options, and opportunities, before they graduate high school and strike out into the job market. It uses a combination of visual, oral and auditory teaching methods for all students. Masonry is one of the newest additions to this method of teaching. Teen-age students get the chance to try out the vo-tech masonry program and see if this is something of interest to them. If so, students are encouraged to continue, and possibly attend a two-year program at a local vocational institution.

Students can acquire job skills during their high school years and immediately enter into the work force upon completion. Students can start entering the masonry program at the start of their first year of high school. For many students who know what they want, this program is helpful, especially if they struggle with traditional learning methods. It saves them the hassle of looking for a job, and finding one, and which they are not qualified to do after graduating high school. The job skills they acquire give them an advantage that non-skilled masonry workers do not have. They have the opportunity to earn more money and the chance to pursue higher education. The three levels of training range from beginning to advanced, with intermediate in between.

First year students learn the basics of masonry, which is how to handle tools, safety rules and how to lay mortar. As students advance through each level of training, they will acquire more skills. Students are taken off campus to enhance their skills and gain valuable work experience. The classes are accredited and may lead to other opportunities, such as a four-year apprenticeship scholarship with one year already earned. The jobs that students qualify for in this area are mason helper, brick mason, stonemason, concrete mason, tile setter and more.

Students gain a unique opportunity that would normally cost thousands of out-of-pocket dollars. This is a comprehensive course and students should be physically fit before taking on a class of this nature. Students will receive hands-on training both on and off campus. Aside from being interested, a high school student with a background in math is preferred, as students will be working with numbers. In construction, measuring and precision is important.

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Android Spying Tool: Does Your Child Deserve It?

If you are reading this article, then you may already be familiar with the Android spying tool. But if you aren’t, let me give you a brief explanation.

The Android spying tool is a software program that is installed on an Android-based phone. This software then sends information about the phone to a website, which the buyer of the software can access from any computer with Internet. Once installed, the Android spying tool is undetectable and only the person that installed it knows about it.

The information that you can get is quite relevant. For example, you can find where the phone is on Google Maps or another similar service. You can also see who the person using the phone has been in contact with by getting access to a log that shows the numbers that have called the phone as well as the numbers the phone has called. As if it were not enough, you can also read any text message that was sent or received, even after the text message has been deleted or erased.

Since using the Android spying tool on someone else’s phone is illegal, one of the most important uses of Android spying tool is to supervise your children. However, does your child deserve that you supervise him or her with this software?

The answer is not easy. It depends on the values of the parents, their definition of privacy, and the behavior of the child in question.

What is privacy? And more importantly, is it a given right or does it have to be earned? Those two questions have to be answered by the parents before getting the software, as privacy is highly subjective. For example, while we all agree that children and teens have the right to some degree of privacy, the limits of it are not the same for everyone. While a teen has the right to change clothes with a locked door, a child that still hasn’t learned to dress himself does not.

Is privacy related to cost? Some parents believe that children have no right to privacy when using a phone since the parents are the ones that are paying for it. In this case, privacy is earned when the child is able to pay for his phone or at least for his phone credit.

Lastly, good and bad behavior affects the degree of privacy that a child enjoys. A kid that has good grades has the right to a higher degree of privacy than one that gets into fights constantly.

You’ll have to decide whether using the Android spying tool to supervise your child is the best thing or not, depending on how you feel about it is.

If you are interested in android spying tool, here it is!

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HTC Wildfire

HTC Desire


The Htc Wildfire Featuring The Android Eclair Operating System

The HTC Wildfire offers the Android Eclair operating system with a 5 megapixel camera and social networking for the Sense user interface. The handset also offers impressive location based services with Footprint for turn by turn navigation, and Geotagging of photos and videos captured by the camera.

The handset features a 528 MHz processor along with 384 megabytes of random access memory to power multiple applications at once on the Android operating system with the HTC Sense user interface which connects social networking and contacts together into one easy view through the Friend Stream application. In addition to 512 megabytes of read-only memory for fast access to commonly used memory, such as contacts, the handset also features a microSD card slot for more permanent storage, offering up to 32 gigabytes worth respectively.

The Wildfire has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with a flash for poor light conditions, to ensure you are always able to take the best possible picture of those special moments. Video recording is also possible, and you can instantly share videos through the integrated YouTube; along with photo sharing on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Multimedia are also automatically location tagged (Geotagging) helping you to sort and filter later, while they can also be viewed back not he handsets 3.2 inch capacity touch screen display with the Photos application. More sharing is possible through the multimedia and text messaging capabilities offered, along with the easy to use email client for multiple email accounts also.

The phone has some great special features too, including a ringer which automatically lowers its volume when you lit the handset and completely mutes when the phone is placed screen-side downwards on a surface. Twittering is also made easier with the Peep application, while more entertainment can be sought from the intuitive Music application and the FM radio which offers live music and more. Connectivity meanwhile exists in the Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate for wireless file and audio sharing, along with the microUSB connector for faster file sharing and syncing with a compatible PC.

The HTC Wildfire is a compact and stylish handset with a touch user interface and the powerful Android operating system along with the intuitive Sense experience. It offers a great 5 megapixel camera for photos and videos and plenty of options and features to share and enjoy them once taken, plus there is little chance of running out of space in a hurry due to its impressive storage.

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HTC Wildfire

HTC Desire


HTC Desire Z Contract Deals : Android operating system on this smartphones

HTC Desire Z is there in which you will enjoy very great features like the dimension of the phone is of 119×60.4×14.2 mm and is with the weight of 180 gram, a perfect combination of weight and dimension. The S-LCD Capacitive touch screen there in the Smartphone is with wideness of 3.7 inches and is with the features like the QWERTY keyboard, accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate , proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Optical trackpad , touch sensitive control panel, HTC Phones Sense UI etc.

As the Internal memory of the phone is less and is of 1.5 GB which you can increase of 32 GB with 512 MB RAM. The 5 mega pixel Camera of the phone is there with features like the auto focus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection etc so that you can have all the photogenic moments of your life always. The Operating system used in the phone is the Android Operating system of version 2.2 (froyo) with the Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor of 800 MHz.

You can browse the Internet with this and can be the part of websites like Orkut, gmail, facebook etc. The battery back up of the phone is of 9 hours and 50 minutes with 2G network and is of 6 hours and 40 minutes with the 3G network.

The HTC Desire Z Deals is there with all the mobile phone networks like Three, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin, vodafone etc and in this you can pay the mobile phone bill at the end of the month with free gifts also like the home appliances, Vacuum cleaner, mobile phone accessories etc. You can also have the details about any of the mobile phone deal associated with the phone through our website Mobile Rainbow and in this you will also have the information about other mobile brands like the Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, Apple etc.

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Advantages Of Electronic Health Records

The world, right now, is gradually but constantly going digital. Photos, musics, videos, letters, documentation, etc. are all turning into computerized and electronic forms. As for medical documentation, there are several advantages of electronic health records over paper documents.

In the United States, a large amount of funds are allocated for the industry of health care, which is more than a trillion dollars per year. If funds are allocated by using the current level of expenditure from the National Health Accounts, Medicare would acquire about twenty three billion dollars of the prospective funds per annum, and private payers would receive thirty one billion dollars per year.

The implementation of electronic health records, or EHR, can help reduce inconveniences for patients who encounter medical errors and the failure of analysts to evaluate quality. Electronic health records systems are devised to help decrease medical flaws and faults by giving health care personnel with decision support. Quick and easy access to medical documentation and modern best practices in medicine are theorized to make proliferation of ongoing developments in health care efficiency possible.

The developed utilization of electronic health records is achieved if the presentation on screen or on paper is not just longitudinal, but hierarchically ordered and layered. During collection of information while hospitalization or serving health care to the patient, having ease of access on details is improved with browser capabilities applied to screen presentations, also to cross-referencing, coding concepts, ICD, DRG and medical procedures information.

Electronic health records provide access to unanticipated quantities of clinical information for studies and research that can speed up the level of developing effective medical practices. Realistically, these advantages can only be realized if the electronic health records systems are interoperable and widely-used, so that various systems can easily distribute information. And also, to avoid errors that can result to injuries and privacy violations, the best practices in software engineering and medical informatics must be set up.

Electronic health records systems have the advantages of being capable to hook up with various electronic medical records systems. In the current state of the medical field, patients are shopping for their procedures. Different international patients go to cities in the United States with academic research centers for specialized treatment, or to participate in clinical trials. Organizing these appointments through paper documents is a time-consuming process, which would be reduced greatly through electronic health records.

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Aspects Considered In Electronic Medical Record

Even if electronic medical records systems wit computerized provider order entry, or CPOE, have existed for more than thirty years, less than ten percent of all hospitals in the United States, as of the year 2006, have fully incorporated electronic medical records into their systems.

In the year 2008, about thirty eight percent of office-based physicians accounted fully or partially using electronic medical records systems for their work processes. However, the same research found that only roughly twenty percent of all physicians reported using a system depicted as functional in minimal value and engaging in orders for prescriptions and examinations, viewing laboratory or imaging results, and clinical notes.

Electronic medical records, like their paper-based counterparts, must be kept in unaltered state and authenticated be their creators. Under data encryption and protection regulations, responsibility for patient records and documents, disregarding the forms they are kept in, is always on the creator and the custodian of the documents.

The tangible medical records are the property of the medical provider or institution that sets them up. This involves films and tracings from diagnostic imaging procedures, such as x-ray, CT scans, PET, MRI imaging, ultrasound, and other. The patient, however, has the right to have access at the original documents of electronic medical records, and obtain copies under law.

Most national and international sets of standards accept the use of electronic signatures. Applicable to electronic medical records, an electronic signature authenticates a digital scribe by indentifying the signer with the signed file or document. When the signer creates a mark in a unique manner, that becomes can be attributed to the signer.

Using electronic medical records in reading or editing a patients records or documents is not only possible through a health care workstation, but it depends on the type of machine and health care settings. It may also be possible through using mobile devices that are capable of understanding and translating human handwriting. Electronic medical records can include ease of access to personal health records, which makes individual notes from electronic medical records readily available for patients who needs the records for documentation.

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Electronic Cigarettes Review – Fasting to Quit

Electronic Cigarettes Review

Most quit smoking books, maybe all of them won’t tell you what I’m about to tell you next. Fasting is one of the best methods to quit smoking, if not the best. It will give you what you need to quit smoking. A lot of us feel we can’t quit smoking but we can. We fast so God will give us what we need to finally quit for good.

You should fast for three days to quit smoking. Fast on brown rice and water or carrot juice three days in a row. If you can’t fast for three straight days fast one day a week for three weeks or as close together as possible. This method can be used cold turkey or with the method discussed in the last chapter of my book; although I recommend cold turkey with this method. This method will work for you, all you have to do is try.

There are other ways to quit smoking. For instance you could pray or meditate until the desire passes. The desire to smoke will pass. Electronic Cigarettes Review

Another tip I share to readers in my book Quit Smoking the Easy Way: A New and Revolutionary Way to Quit Smoking is to chew cinnamon gum.There is something about cinnamon that fights cravings for nicotine. We’ve all heard about the healing power of Aroma therapy. Well now you know cinnamon can be used to fight cravings!

I think one of the most important ways to prepare yourself for quitting smoking is the ritual of forgiveness. Smokers smoke when they are mad. This tends to bring the anger to the subconscious. Here’s an excerpt from my book on the chapter entitled The Ritual of Forgiveness: “This ritual frees your heart. First think about everyone who has ever wronged you. Make a list in your mind. Ask God or a saint in heaven to help you forgive each person and why you need to forgive them. Perform this ritual nightly until you have forgiven each individual.

You will find that your heart will become unburdened and you will forgive more easily. You will find that you are not only better off not smoking but that you are better off not holding resentment in your heart. Getting rid of any anger will help you to be a calmer person who is ready to quit smoking. Electronic Cigarettes Review

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How Do Computer Speakers Work

Speakers easily play the most significant role in enhancing your audio experience. So how do they actually manage to reproduce sound from the electrical signals that are fed as input? Devices such as speakers and microphones are technically called  transducers. A transducer transforms one form of energy into another. In this case, a speaker converts electrical energy into acoustic energy  (sound), in about the same way that a microphone converts acoustic energy into a corresponding electrical signal. There is more to speakers than just plugging them in and believing that the costly sound system you got is going to take you to new heights. Of course, higher-end systems, with their excellent low-noise amplifiers, filters and impedance matchers reproduce crystal-clear sound even from speakers of the lowest end, but audiophiles know the difference!

We need to dwell into some physics to understand its mechanism. During our school days, we all have played around with the tuning fork during our physics practicals. On striking the tuning fork, we hear a long hum. This sound is created by the compression and rarefaction of air particles, around the vibrating fork arms. When these compressions and rarefactions hit the eardrum, it vibrates, and we perceive sound. In a speaker, this compression and rarefaction is performed by a paper diaphragm that vibrates in accordance with the electrical signal fed to it. The construction of a speaker sheds more light on its functioning. At the base is a powerful ring magnet. In the centre is a voice coil made up of fine wire, wound around a paper cylinder. As we can see in the picture, the voice coil is attached to a spider (an elastic paper sheet that holds the voice coil), such that it always returns to its fixed position under normal conditions.

To start off with the functionality of a speaker, the underlying principle is electro-magnetism. The basic interaction between an electromagnetic coil and a powerful permanent magnet is what drives the speaker to produce sound. The primary source of sound is a diaphragm. One end of the voice coil is attached to the centre of the paper diaphragm. This diaphragm, in turn, compresses and rarefies the air particles around it, thereby producing sound.

Speaker enclosures, in addition to the speaker itself, also play a vital role in your audio experience. The reason for this is that the air flow through the enclosure drastically affects bass and crackling sounds due to undesirable harmonics. The dimensions of the enclosure have an effect on the resonance of the sound waves.Getting more into the technicalities, let us consider an amplifier as a block. In this case, it primarily has two signals – the input and the output. For the amplifier to have high gain, its input impedance should be as high as possible and its output impedance should be as low as possible. The reason for this is the Maximum Power Transfer theorem, which states that to get the maximum power output from a source (the amplifier, in this case), the output resistance of the source should be the same, or as close as possible, to the resistance of the load (the speaker, in this case).

For those of you who have not heard of it, this simply means that the resistance of the speaker should be equal to that of the amplifier output. Typical speaker impedances are 4 to 8 Ohms – you can get these values from the associated brochures and manuals that accompany your sound system. Finally, in a scenario of multiple speakers, positioning each speaker is of prime importance. Sound, after all, propagates in the form of waves. Although multiple reflections cause sound to be heard across all areas, sound travels in a straight path like light. You should always consider sound to be similar to light while positioning the speakers around your home, with the prime aim to illuminate your living room. This is the easiest way to get it right, with minimal effort. So go ahead and enjoy those tracks! 

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Help My Computer is Obsolete!

What Makes a Computer Obsolete? The answer to this question will entirely depend on who you ask. Some will tell you that your computer is obsolete the second you remove it from the store, since newer models reach store shelves regularly. Although this thought was a prevailing one years ago, most consumers now know that this is not the case and some argue for extended use of computers.

You may need to think about a new computer if:

There is No Such Thing as Obsolete There a group of computer users who claim that there is no such thing as an obsolete machine. Machines that are running low on memory or RAM can be upgraded. If your needs are limited to word processing, simple games, and email, there are a wide range of machines that can effectively serve your needs. Just because increasing power is available, does not mean that your needs will be better served by investing in that power.

If your computer is only a few years old and is slowing down, there are upgrades that can keep you current:

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