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10 Questions to consider ask when selecting a Mobile Application Development Partner

In today’s competitive Mobile Application Development industry, it is wise for an individual/company that wants to get an application developed to be knowledgeable and prepared with the right types of questions to ask their developer when deciding which application development vendor to go with.

With years of experience in the Mobile Application Industry creating applications for devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, and Andriod to name a few; V-Soft Inc understands how important it is for a client to choose the right development partner. Knowing this importance, V-Soft has created 10 questions that every customer should consider asking their Mobile Application Development Partner before taking steps forward in developing the application that was envisioned.

Top 10 Questions Customers should consider asking their Mobile Application Development Partner:

1. Company:
a. General Company Information and description
b. History- Number of years in the industry, Number of client, Number of employees as well as other offering
c. Financial Stability
d. Headquarters and Off-Site Offices

2. Mobile Offering:
a. What Mobile Application Development offering do you provide?
b. Choosing an end-to-end mobile application development partner should be the aim considering all present and future business and mobile development requirements

3. Technology:
a. What Mobile Application Technical Expertise do you have? (Ask for project references to check and then grade the vendor)
b. What Programming languages do you specialize in?
c. Does your company do Web Services Integration?
d. What is your company’s frameworks/architecture structure?
e. Is your company capable of incorporating WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities into a mobile application?

4. Resources:
a. How big is your Mobile Application Development team?
b. What Mobile Platforms do you specialize in?
c. What is the team size per project?
d. Does your company supply a User Interface and Quality Assurance Team?

5. Project Development-Delivery Model:
a. What project development-delivery model do you follow?
b. Do you have an Offshore Team? Onshore Team?

6. Application Development Model:
a. What is your SDLC Model like?

7. Pricing Model:
a. What different pricing model options does your company offer?
b. Are there any payments option?
c. Competitive pricing options?

8. Communication and Reporting Protocol:
a. What communication and reporting protocol do you follow?
b. If needed, could your company provide weekly meeting/daily reporting/monthly reporting?

9. References:
a. Can you provide a minimum of three customer references?
b. Do you have any client satisfaction grade levels?
c. Can you supply any case studies of previous projects?

10. Legal:
a. What legal procedures/securities do you follow/provide?
b. Do you provide NDA and Project Contracts?
c. What are your dispute resolution procedures?

About V-Soft, Inc.
V-Soft Inc. is a Silicon Valley based provider of Product and Mobile Development Services across a wide range of technology platforms. V-Soft teams have significant experience in best-in-class methodologies for software and hardware product definition, design, development, quality assurance, implementation, and post deployment support. V-Soft has immense expertise in the mobile application and mobile platform development for different platforms such as Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded CE, Embedded Linux, Mac X, and Symbian.

V-Soft helps customers improve functionality, reduce time to market, and improve quality while reducing costs by up to 60%. Highly focused on building long-term relationships with its customers, V-Soft builds teams around its customer’s domain knowledge; these teams work as extensions of customers’ organizations.
Additional information about V-Soft Inc. can be found at

For further inquiries, please contact:

Durga Sharma
Marketing Communications Manager
+1 (408) 342-1700

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In today’s competitive Mobile Application Development industry, it is wise for an individual/company that wants to get an application developed to be knowledgeable and prepared with the right types of questions to ask their developer when deciding which application development vendor to go with


Computer Repair Contracts That Keep You Profitable

If you are trying to set up profitable computer repair contracts for your small business clients, you might have some questions about their real benefits, or at least how to clearly explain these benefits to non-technical small business decision makers.

Many small business technology providers choose not to use on-going agreements and build their business around customers that have short-term needs or need immediate emergency services.  If you fall into this category, you need to start thinking about your business realistically and planning long term.  Unless you intend to spend a lot of time and money on aggressive marketing tactics or hire a huge number of employees to handle thousands of clients every year, you’re just not going to build sustainable revenue. 

You need to be prepared to build a solid foundation for your business, and this means focusing on long-term, sophisticated repair and support needs that will require you to enter into on-going relationships with clients that will pay you predictably a certain amount of service revenue each and every month.

Consider the following 3 points when building a solid foundation for your business on computer repair contracts.

Computer Repair Contracts Are Essential to Your Business.  On-going agreements formalize your working arrangement with clients and provide your company with very highly profitable recurring consulting revenue.  This is nothing like the commodity-oriented managed services business that puts you into a low-margin “box-pusher” mentality. Repair agreements contribute to your longevity in a way that no number of quick fixes or short-term solutions can, because they represent your commitment to cater to the real long-term needs of your small business clients … and most importantly, your clients’ commitment to pay you regularly for your expertise and high-end premium services.
The Customer is Not Always Right.  Just because a large potential client wants to have his/her attorney rewrite your entire agreement doesn’t mean you should go along with it.  If you have done a really good job of building a relationship with each client, you will not likely run into this situation.  Start out each new customer on some kind of mutual proving ground project to make sure the relationship will work before you present the idea of your computer repair contracts.  And there will be a certain amount of faith and good will build up between the key people in your company and the key people in your client’s business.  Most of the time, the only reason a client will ask for a contract revision is because he/she senses weakness and the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.  Of course if you focus on the legal niche, it often becomes a matter of price and ego for your customers to bully-you into adopting their one-side contract mentality. So unless your clients are power-hungry attorneys, just follow a set, step-by-step sequence for engaging with new customers and clients, and the issue of a client that wants and demands a total rewrite will usually be a moot point.
Be Prepared.  You need to have your entire computer repair contracts package planned out and ready to go, because you never know when a new customer or client will be ready to sign.  Delaying for a few weeks will not only kill your credibility, but it will also potentially make you miss a valuable opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot.

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Nokia N8 Vodafone Review and Feature List

Nokia have been running a huge advertising campaign for the latest smartphone to come from the company, the Nokia N8. Nokia haven’t had much luck appealing to smart phone consumers in the last few years with their main product range being several years behind the handsets offered from Apple, BlackBerry and other large smart phone companies. Has the N8 finally broken that curse and started Nokia back on the path to becoming a household name again?


The N8 is a striking phone, and one that can’t easily be ignored. It’s large touch screen takes up the majority of the front of the phone and looks pretty similar to an iPhone with a single button at the bottom. However, closer inspection will reveal the N8 has more tactile buttons than the average touch screen phone usually employs, as well as being slightly thicker than most modern smart phones, it’s extra size and bulk designed to accommodate a high spec camera.


And for those who are always taking picture on their phones, this camera is amazing. Running at 12 megapixels, the N8 camera is by far the best camera we’ve ever seen in a phone before, and you’d have a hard time telling the difference between a picture taken using a separate digital camera and the N8, which works incredibly well even in low light conditions and has a wide range of different features and options including the ability to record in HD at 720p.


It might be worth referring to the Nokia N8 Vodafone as a camera phone rather than a smart phone, as that’s clearly what Nokia have been focusing on here. And it’s easy to see why they’ve put so much effort into the camera – most smartphones add a camera seemingly just because consumers expect to have one, and even market leading handsets struggle to produce a phone camera that can really compete with even a  low-end standalone digital camera.


However, the N8 is a phone, after all, and the camera is only a single feature. The other features on the phone have all been upgraded from the standard Nokia fare. Of particular note is the excellent Ovi maps software which is one of the best GPS programs available anywhere, and the upgraded Ovi store, which now feels much more like Android and iPhone users are used to, with easy navigation and plenty of filtering and search options.


The N8 still has some way to go before it truly catches up with Android though. The Symbian OS is still busy trying to keep up with Android and there are still some glaring problems, such as the omission of an on screen keyboard when in portrait mode, which is likely to put many people off using the phone to send longer text messages and seems a very strange thing to miss out on. Plus, for all of the improvements in the Ovi store, it’s still tiny compared to the offerings from both Android and Apple.

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MyMoBuy Providing Excellent Bonanza

Saint Valentines Day is on 14th February. Though there are a variety of customs and traditions associated with Valentines Day, the most coveted norm of celebrating Valentines Day is to make your beloved feel special with the exchange of gifts. On this special occasion of celebration of love, the most powerful emotion on earth, MyMoBuy presents its clients a number of exciting Valentines Day offers.

The best quality Valentines Day mobile applications of Mymobuy will pay heed to a variety of utility at your fingertips and that too at the most competent pricing. Mymobuy unites procedure, capital and expertise to make possible rich communiqué and collaboration to a wide array of mobile applications. Mymobuy delivers excellent mobile application for advanced Android users. Be it mymobuy for android, mymobuy symbol scanner, mymobuy mobile application or mymobuy android application, you can get everything under one umbrella at mymobuy.

Whether it’s for a mom on the go, searching for a good deal on toys, or a student planning to buy books and school supplies, Mymobuy application will help anyone find a better price on practically anything under the sun with a UPC. This application of mymobuy amalgams several standard hardware features that are included in today’s Android powered smart phones into one user-friendly package providing users the ability to instantly compare the price of any product with a UPC barcode.

The proficient development team of MyMoBuy includes best-in-breed of Java, Graphics, 3d, and UI Developers who incessantly try to create their applications the vey best in the industry. They generate constructive applications for all mobile devices that accommodate to the exact end of its customers’ service by maximizing their return on investment.

So log on to and grab its amazing Valentines Day offers that will wow your special one in a unique style.  Shop from mymobuy for Valentine’s Day Gifts and win an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect. At mymobuy you will enjoy an incredible savings. So buy online from mymobuy and pick up in store last minute Valentines Day Gifts. Its privileged clients will get 10% off on Valentine’s Day Gift Coupon-MYVAL10. The customers of mymobuy can save 15% on 6 Valentine’s Berries w/ 4 Dipped Cookies, which is available only @ $29.98. The patrons of my mobuy can further save $10 on Valentine’s Cookie Jar full of Fresh-Baked Cookies that is available only at $19.99.  And again the consumers of mymobuy can save $15% on unique Valentine’s Day Gifts over $50+.

You can download MyMoBuy Software or download mymobuy for android and get yourself pampered with its usefulness. In order to download mymobuy, you have to scan the QR code or visit with your Android powered device to at once download MyMoBuy entirely free.

So hurry to use MyMoBuy to shop for great gifts for your loved ones and carve out a unique place in the heart of your Valentines. Choose from any of the stirring applications of MyMoBuy and perk up your Valentines.  Enjoy the best Valentines Day mobile technology applications of mymobuy and make your every day activities easier.

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Computer Recycling – The Basics

Computer recycling is pretty much mandatory these days. Most trash pickup will not take computers, so it is up to you to dispose of them. Computer recycling allows the computer to be reused or for it to be broken down so the parts can be used again. By recycling your old computer you are helping to keep old computers from becoming an eye sore in the landfills.

Why Computers Aren’t Trash

Computers contain many hazardous materials which should not be put into a landfill. These materials are the reason why this is preferred over computer disposal. Besides this, computers can be reused in many different ways – in whole or in parts. The benefits of computer recycling far outweigh the need to trash them.

Computer Recycling

This can take many forms. Usually a computer is either recycled for parts and materials or reused.

If you own a computer than you know they become outdated. You either have to update or get a new one. In many cases it is just much more cost efficient to get a new computer rather than update it. However, you may be able to find someone who will take your old computer for you. They will in turn update it and resell it. You may also find that you can donate your old computer. If it still works fine you might be able to give it to charity or even donate it to a local school.

When a computer is actually recycled for parts it is taken apart piece by piece. The plastics, metals and other materials are separated and then processed in their own way. The circuit board may be rewired and updated and put into another computer. Eventually the pieces may from another computer or they could be used for something else.

As you can see, a computer that is recycled can become many things or go on to be an even better computer. What is your junk may be another persons gold. If you trashed it then all it would do is sit in a landfill for years and years and be of no use to anyone.

Recycling your old computer is far better than sending it out with the trash. Even if there are not laws against trashing computers where you live, it is still a good idea to recycle instead. You will be helping in the whole process of recycling.

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Oak Computer Armoires For Small Spaces

If you are thinking to furnish your new house or refurbish the existing one but you are spatially challenged, you might find the task a little daunting; or maybe not as much as you were thinking because today there are numerous solutions for all types of houses and apartments, such as armoires, cabinets and space saving solutions. One of the rooms that usually require some space is a home office; most of us do not have enough space to establish a separate office, thus we need to improvise and create a home office we can afford even in we have minimum space available. Oak computer armoires for small spaces are an essential part of this effort.

Computer armoires are cabinets used to place the laptop or PC along with all the complementing devices, such as printers, scanners and fax machines. We all need a place to put our computer and since we rarely have enough space for it and all its accessories we need to opt for a practical solution that is also nice and neat and gives us pretty much everything we need in terms of working space. Oak computer armoires are the perfect item to place in any house, in any room; they can accommodate the computer along with its accessories; they usually come with slide out trays where you can place the computer keyboard, enough space for the tower of the desktop computer, shelves for papers and other stationery items and anything you might need while working on the computer.

In most oak computer armoires for small spaces there are shelves for printers and racks for other devices required at your home office. A computer armoire is a safe place to keep all the office equipment and is totally practical because it allows you to have all office items in one place, avoiding losing things. Convenience and practicality is the main theme when it comes to a computer armoire because it can be placed anywhere; especially if you opt for an oak computer armoire that looks elegant and nice, you will have an amazing piece of furniture in your house, which will also allow you to place it everywhere, even in the living room or bedroom.

When purchasing oak computer armoires for small spaces you have the chance to decide the exact type of armoire that would complement fully the rest of items in the room, and the furniture placed in the lounge or living room. Oak usually blends excellent with other pieces, without giving the impression that it doesn’t belong to the space and room. Especially when it comes to small spaces, without a separate workplace, you need to opt for a piece that is nice both aesthetically and practically. Oak computer armoires can be modest but elegant, practical and functional wherever you place them and this is what makes them really stand out from other pieces of furniture available for computers, laptops and similar equipment. They offer you enough room to work and store items, CDs, papers and every little thing you might need to keep in your home office.

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Ipad deals- A gadget comes with revolutionary features

There are countless brands are executing in the market with their latest handsets. Apple is one of them, which have a very long list of astonishing gadgets such as ipads, phones, ipods and many more. In this way, the latest arrival of this brand is Apple ipad. This gadget comes with latest features that you ant in your dream gadget. This is not a mobile phone, but it is a tablet PC that comes with many alluring deals. These deals are formatted in different categories such as contract, Sim free, Pay as you go deals. You can get these deals from any online shop. The gorgeous I Pad display your photos in countless colors with excellent crystal clear quality, which gives you original feeling. Your pictures can also rotate with the rotation of cheap I pad.This smart gadget comes with very smart LCD screen that comes with digital quality effect. Its is one of the very good option, where you can get the experience of Internet surfing, email, photos and video. You can view all the data’s in portrait and landscape, both mode at whole page from your fingers only. The best feature of iPad deals,built-in Photos application, you can see and touch your photos in intuitive new ways. Your photo albums appear as tidy little stacks you can pinch them to preview. The whole album can be open by tap a stack, which can be scrolled by your thumbnails. Tap is a function to view full screen and flip through photos one at a time.

You can get these Ipad offers from any on line shopping store. Ipad contract deals are available at very affordable prices. Several network providers such as T-mobile, Vodafone, and many more are offering contract deals with these lucrative I pad. This smart gadget is absolutely free with these lucrative deals.

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Your Kids and Healthy Computing

If you work at home and share your computer with your kids, or if each member of your family has a PC of their own, some special consideration is in order. Although, with the way some kids whiz through the basics and seem to master the use of the computer intuitively, you may ask, “Why? They’re better on the damn things than I am.”


-Children’s hands are smaller. A mouse and keyboard for adult use may force kids to use their hands in awkward, stretched positions, stressing the developing muscles, bones and nerves. You can check for child-sized Little Fingers keyboards from Datadesk Technologies. And instead of using a regular mouse, you can try moving to trackballs.

-Children are smaller. They may look cute with their feet dangling over the edge of your chair, but the pressure this places behind their knees can impede circulation. Get them a footrest. Giving them firm back support in the form of rolled-up pillows can also help alleviate added pressure on their backs.

-Unless you teach them, they won’t know any better.

–Sitting at a workstation meant for adults, they may lean far back and crane their heads so that they can see the screen comfortably for them. This puts extra strain on their neck and back.

–Children tend to lose track of time if they’re too engrossed in a game or an activity like surfing. Schedule breaks. Try Ergofun or Workrave software to see if these help.

–Kids also need water breaks to keep their muscles working properly. Anything that has fizzy bubbles or is mostly colored (or not) sugar-water doesn’t count.

Today’s generation of children has been exposed to the computer revolution for all their lives; they’ve grown up along with the technology. And while it’s too soon to study the long-term effect of computer use on children who started at a very young age, it’s best that healthier measures are taken immediately to protect their long-term health, because they won’t stay kids for very long.

You can go to Cornell University Ergonomics Web, CUErgo, to see before and after pictures of properly set up workstations for children and teens in their Guidelines for Parents. Their other ergonomic links may help you out as well. also has a special section for kids.

Helpful Stretches:

– Softly clenching hands into fists and moving them in circles (10 inward and 10 outward)

– Placing hands in a praying position and squeezing them together for 10 seconds, then pointing them downward and squeezing them together for 10 seconds;

– Spreading fingers apart like a starfish, then closing them one by one; standing and wrapping arms around the body and turning all the way to the left and then all the way to the right.(Also a good stretch for the back)

You can also download Stretchbreak (kiddie version) for free at , or try out the 10-day trial version for adults.

Extra Precautions regarding backpacks:

(This applies to adults too.)

– Never go over 20% of your total bodyweight, or 25 lbs/ 11.3 kg, whichever comes first. 15% or below is better.

– If you can’t avoid it, being a member of a special organization like the military, or your recreational activities require you to go over, get the best equipment you can.

In a 1997 study of 11- and 12-year-olds conducted by the UK-based National Back Pain Association, researchers found that that 80% were wearing backpacks improperly and that some were hauling as much as 60% of their own body weight.

The following are the recommended limits set forth by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), and the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons):

Person’s Weight (lb.) Maximum Backpack Weight (lb.)

60 lbs. – 5 lbs

60-75 lbs. – 10 lbs

100 lbs. – 15 lbs

125 lbs. – 18 lbs

150 lbs. – 20 lbs

200 lbs. up – 25*

*No one should carry more than 25 lbs.

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Get the Computer Learning You Need

Do you feel like your computer skills are somewhat lacking compared to your coworkers? Is it hard for you to try and keep up with everyone else as they explore new trends in computers and the internet? It seems like there are always new software programs that are coming out that require me to know even more than I just learned. This can be a little frustrating at times, but you have to remember that it is very important to have the necessary computer skills that will help you get the job you want. Many jobs require you to type and used a word processor. Even more jobs will ask you to use the internet if you need to email documents to other coworkers or even clients. The fact is that you need to keep learning if you want to stay marketable in your career. If you don’t keep up with the trends, others who do have the right knowledge will pass you by as you stay in the same position for years and that is if you are lucky enough to keep you job.

The fact is that it is not that hard to stay current. There are many different things that you can do which can help improve your computer skills. There are a lot of books that are available to you that can help you learn new programs. There are also probably a lot of things that you can read a try to teach yourself as you sit in front of your computer. If you would prefer, you can even take a computer class to make sure that you are getting all the information you need.

This crucial computer knowledge will help you as more technology develops. Currently, more and more businesses are turning to computer based trainings for their new employees. Instead of paying someone to train a lot of new hires, they can all sit at computers and train themselves as they read information and answer questions about what they have read. As an employee in a business, you might need to use a computer once a month to stay updated with your company policies or to write a memo for your office. There are so many things that computers are used for.

Remember that it is not too late to start learning. Take little steps at first and soon you will be on your way to becoming a computer wizard.

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Auto Meter To Electronic Navigation Map Into The Mainstream

Traditional electromechanical meter analog instrumentation is generally only available to car drivers who run a small amount of data in the necessary information, can not meet the modern automotive technology, high-speed requirements. With modern electronic technology, multi-function high-precision, high sensitivity, reading electronic digital display and intuitive image display instrument continuously automotive.

Such as Dongfeng Citroen launched triumph on adaptive combination with a photographic-type instrument. Instrument digital LCD screen, will the strength of the lorry outside the light brightened or dimmed for the human eye recognition, so that it easier to read, including the driver speed, fuel quantity, water temperature and other important information.

Car dashboard forward, “Integrated Information System” direction, its function is not confined to the current speed, mileage, the engine speed, fuel, water temperature, the direction indicator light, and may add some features, such as smart with ECU of automobile instrument, can indicate the security system status, such as tire pressure, brake, airbags, etc..

At the speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge network will be set, diagnostic and digital display in one of the touch-screen LCD replaced by the dynamic vehicle information system of “expert think tank” to achieve on-site diagnosis, road autonomous navigation, electronic maps, vehicle positioning dynamic display.

Market prospects

Auto Meter is an indispensable vehicle control components will vary with the growth of automobile production in China to expand simultaneously. At present, China’s auto market instruments about 700 million U.S. dollars, accounting for automotive electronics 10.2% of the total market.

My car experienced a mechanical instrument, analog electronic stages of development. By the advanced sensors and display devices form of electronic instruments have begun to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, and now car dashboard digital technology being develop.

Shanghai Delco Electronics and Instrumentation Co., Ltd. technical personnel, use of digital technology-driven instruction instrument of high precision, low cost structure, unified movement. Digital Auto meter, is the current and future automotive instrumentation display units for some time the leading technology, broad market prospect.

Technology lags behind the vehicle development

Industry experts said the technical level of China’s automobile instrument product is low, monotonous style design, product durability and reliability is poor, the number is low, can not keep up vehicle development. In addition, compared with foreign countries, technical level there is a big gap. Although the domestic auto meter world looking car digital meters, but does not have the internal development of local enterprises and technological conditions.

Present several meters before the application of market share in China is also large, but most used in previous models introduced. China joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, such as Deco, Magneti Marelli, Siemens VDO, Visteon, Bosch, have dominated the production of digital devices. Siemens VDO

relevant sources, in automobile instrument in the market on the one hand, international companies in China account for a large share of high-end market; the other hand, local manufacturers in China after years of working hard portion of the market. Combined with international companies who strive for more market, more resources to low-cost, low-end scramble market. From the technological development in the field of view, China’s domestic manufacturers are up in the technical state of technical reserves in line with product development grasp of respects.

Domestic local businesses in the face of no test equipment, test costs are high, test the relative lack of software engineers and other issues, so there barriers to entry.

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