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Today, such as television, Computer And Mobile And other electronic products in people’s working lives in general use, but the problem of pollution caused by electronic products also attracted more and more attention.

Reported by the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Commerce and other seven ministries to develop a “Bill of electronic products to prevent toxic substances,” will formally launched in early 2006. Regulations and management practices in specific areas, Ministry of Information Industry is expected to be promulgated in early 2006, “Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Regulations.” Through the standard market access, non-compliant electronic products will not be listed.

Green alarm Study shows, television, computers, mobile phones and other products contain a large number of poisonous and harmful substances. Computer, for example, create a

Taiwan Power Company Brain needs more than 700 kinds of chemical raw materials, of which more than 50% harmful. A computer

Monitor That only reached an average lead content of more than 1 kg. Once these toxic substances into the environment, it will pollute the environment, damage to the human body

Health . Guangdong Province in China there had been cases of toxic substances cause disease.
Look at a set of data: According to statistics, the European e-waste generated each year about 6 million tons. Just out of the United States will reach 300 million computer? 600 million units. China is no exception, as of last year, China’s average annual out of nearly 70 million phones. According to conservative estimates, China’s annual capacity of around 70% of e-waste. The world are facing the pressure of e-waste.

In fact, the Chinese electronics and IT firms face in international markets “green barrier.” The EU “Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment”? WEEE directive? Been officially implemented on August 13. “In the electrical and electronic equipment in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive” (ROHS Directive) also plans to July 1, 2006 for enforcement. These two directives, all sold in the EU market electrical and electronic equipment must be prohibited or limited the use of lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous substances six.

These two directives involving nearly 200,000 kinds of products. Authorities estimated that these two directives will affect at least 31.7 billion U.S. dollars to China’s electronics exports, accounting for the total value of electronic products exports to the EU Qi Cheng. As a result, the domestic electronics producers will increase the overall costs of 10%, export prices rose 15%? Traditional price

Competition Advantages are losing. Cleaner production can only tackling the problem
View of the danger of discarded electronic products, must pay attention and try to resolve them. First, focus on e-waste recycling, one in electronic products completely stop using toxic materials. This is the purpose of the European Union issued two directives. At the same time, this also consistent with the expectations of consumers. In this year’s Beijing “Tech Expo”, the consumer electronics manufacturers who wish to do two things, namely, “clean production” and “ensure recovery.”

Address e-waste pollution, recycling and handling of products after the end of life, help to reduce their living environment and human health. For example, electronic products, there is a call bromide

Flame Retardant Material, very difficult to decompose in the environment. If left to its natural, then the material will enter through food chains and accumulate in animals, affect the nervous and hormonal systems.

Nokia , Motorola , TCL And other manufacturers have to make active efforts in this direction.
Industry believes that, despite the manufacturers of electronic waste recycling can solve the problem, but the ultimate solution is to develop production

Cleaner Production , From product design to proceed to deal with pollution or prevent pollution. Pollution control of electronic products

Make Recycling of waste electronic products as the basis for the concept of “pollution prevention, prevention first” principle of environmental protection, from the source to prevent electronic products may cause adverse effects. Of course, recycling is very important.

In view of the forthcoming “Management of Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Measures”, Ministry of Information Industry official said, it can be toxic and hazardous substances in electronic information products, substitution and reduction, protection of the environment and conserve resources. Meanwhile, the advance electronic information industrial restructuring, upgrading the product to ensure the sustainable development of electronic information industry is also important.

Together to be effective Electronics pollution problems related to the common interests of society as a whole. Therefore, whether the government, business or personal, should be involved to create a healthy and harmonious living environment.

First, the Government should give full play to the functions of electronic products to guide pollution prevention. Ministry of Information Industry to relevant sources, China has the “Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations” to WTO

Made a notification. If accepted, will soon be implemented. In addition, “waste electrical and electronic product recycling regulations” are also the research process.

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