Auto Meter To Electronic Navigation Map Into The Mainstream

Traditional electromechanical meter analog instrumentation is generally only available to car drivers who run a small amount of data in the necessary information, can not meet the modern automotive technology, high-speed requirements. With modern electronic technology, multi-function high-precision, high sensitivity, reading electronic digital display and intuitive image display instrument continuously automotive.

Such as Dongfeng Citroen launched triumph on adaptive combination with a photographic-type instrument. Instrument digital LCD screen, will the strength of the lorry outside the light brightened or dimmed for the human eye recognition, so that it easier to read, including the driver speed, fuel quantity, water temperature and other important information.

Car dashboard forward, “Integrated Information System” direction, its function is not confined to the current speed, mileage, the engine speed, fuel, water temperature, the direction indicator light, and may add some features, such as smart with ECU of automobile instrument, can indicate the security system status, such as tire pressure, brake, airbags, etc..

At the speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge network will be set, diagnostic and digital display in one of the touch-screen LCD replaced by the dynamic vehicle information system of “expert think tank” to achieve on-site diagnosis, road autonomous navigation, electronic maps, vehicle positioning dynamic display.

Market prospects

Auto Meter is an indispensable vehicle control components will vary with the growth of automobile production in China to expand simultaneously. At present, China’s auto market instruments about 700 million U.S. dollars, accounting for automotive electronics 10.2% of the total market.

My car experienced a mechanical instrument, analog electronic stages of development. By the advanced sensors and display devices form of electronic instruments have begun to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, and now car dashboard digital technology being develop.

Shanghai Delco Electronics and Instrumentation Co., Ltd. technical personnel, use of digital technology-driven instruction instrument of high precision, low cost structure, unified movement. Digital Auto meter, is the current and future automotive instrumentation display units for some time the leading technology, broad market prospect.

Technology lags behind the vehicle development

Industry experts said the technical level of China’s automobile instrument product is low, monotonous style design, product durability and reliability is poor, the number is low, can not keep up vehicle development. In addition, compared with foreign countries, technical level there is a big gap. Although the domestic auto meter world looking car digital meters, but does not have the internal development of local enterprises and technological conditions.

Present several meters before the application of market share in China is also large, but most used in previous models introduced. China joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, such as Deco, Magneti Marelli, Siemens VDO, Visteon, Bosch, have dominated the production of digital devices. Siemens VDO

relevant sources, in automobile instrument in the market on the one hand, international companies in China account for a large share of high-end market; the other hand, local manufacturers in China after years of working hard portion of the market. Combined with international companies who strive for more market, more resources to low-cost, low-end scramble market. From the technological development in the field of view, China’s domestic manufacturers are up in the technical state of technical reserves in line with product development grasp of respects.

Domestic local businesses in the face of no test equipment, test costs are high, test the relative lack of software engineers and other issues, so there barriers to entry.

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