Campus Electronic Monitoring Technology In The Examination Room (photo)

In recent years, various types of examination malpractices in the examination of the discipline more and more, using increasingly sophisticated means, has not only limited to whisper, plagiarism and other simple tools, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, headsets and other electronic equipment, stealth become a tool for fraud alone is simply a single teacher license Gubuguolai invigilator. Modern surveillance equipment and system will be applied to the examination process, and establish a campus network-based digital, networked control system, easy to solve too large monitor, control points are too difficult to monitor. Plus anti-air defense technology to test ways to monitor the whole process can be better in check discipline and self-interest candidates.

By a network of students, far and wide

Years, as increased investment in education, has been quite the scale of campus construction. To address the campus expansion and management of the students bring more inconvenience, campus security systems came into being.

Campus security systems, has always been to monitor the system and alarm system in two parts. Current video surveillance system with DVR is at the core from the structure, to the distributed, digital, network, intelligent process of change, the basis point for each video. Alarm system from a single system or video system secondary part, and the video system to a security system with two important components, and integration into a unified whole direction of development and security system has gradually become a new design standard.

Campus examination room security systems, and general security has many similarities, there are a lot of features:

1. Monitoring Point Distribution: single classroom focus on the region, but the large number of required monitoring to every corner of the campus of the examination room.

2. Monitoring large area: an area of generally higher in schools, the examination room distribution. Require the system to support multiple routing methods, the best available existing line, or allow multiple independent subsystems to facilitate the construction and maintenance.

3. Monitoring action hidden objects: object specificity because the examination room monitor, monitor object movement varied, and extremely subtle, simple use of human observers as monitoring, will inevitably lead to false negative phenomena

4. May be evidence: to be able to multi-angle monitor, video, convenience charges occur, the initiative of proof.

5. Monitoring time: the whole examination time surveillance, video, and other papers issued to particular locations, 24-hour surveillance.

6. Monitoring the front: front-end with wide-angle lens, or Auto horizontal rotation and avoid gaps.

7. Shadowing free overlay: Particular requirements for production in accordance with the shadow shield, to prevent leaking exam questions.

8. Can be used for other applications: the examination room and the school security system to combine daily work, the maximum play. VOD on demand systems for example, can get a great degree of convenience.

And as banking, power, military and other industries distributed management, remote monitoring is a necessary means of industrial management. Traditional remote control, video transmission is typically used for specialized cable or microwave transmission, vulnerable to restrictions on terrain and line, and the high cost, the average user can not accept, therefore, difficult to expand the applications. So how to network remote video surveillance and alarm systems, and broadband multimedia video service system combining organic, so that both long-range monitoring, image transfer, the alarms, but also with intelligent control, historical information and data to facilitate large data function of the amount saved, and the cost is reasonable, can be more effective in preventing, combating crime, the security technology to a new level, has become a technology direction for the development of prevention work. With the popularization of computer, applications, network communication technology and image compression technology, rapid development, using the latest computer, communications, images, coding, decoding, storage, processing, transmission of digital images through the network line, for networked alarm and remote video surveillance system to provide efficient and feasible and affordable solution.

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