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Electronic Cigar

Motivation is a strange beast! We can be highly motivated to stop smoking but do nothing to actually quit smoking. How can we turn that motivation into positive action? Here are three ways to turn motivation into action…

1. Tell your friends you are quitting smoking

A good way to turn your motivation to stop smoking into positive action is to get your friends and colleagues to help you. Tell everyone that you have quit smoking and illicit their help and support by asking them to boost your efforts rather than undermine them. Far too often our friends try to sabotage our efforts to improve ourselves, not from any mal-intent but from their own sub-conscious envy of your ability to be so strong and positive. However, by making an effort to bring them on to your team as you battle to overcome your smoking habit, they will feel less intimidated by your effort and can then be a great asset to you. This can be especially true when you are finding it hard to resist the temptation to smoke. Use your friends to increase your motivation and support your action. Electronic Cigar

2. Stop buying cigarettes

A great way to turn your motivation into positive action is to be strong and stop buying cigarettes. Part of the ritual of smoking is buying them in the first place. If you can change this behaviour by simply not buying another packet, then you start to break down the ritual nature of the smoking process. Whenever you refuse to purchase cigarettes you are taking positive action towards your goal of stopping smoking. Be very positively aware of each time you do this and it will help boost your motivation and your ability to succeed.

3. Refuse offers of cigarettes and take a pat on the back

Our friends and colleagues whom smoke will undoubtedly forget you have stopped smoking and casually offer you a cigarette from time to time. At these times it is important that you be strong and refuse the temptation. In this situation, your motivation is good but you are being seriously challenged. Take positive action by quietly thanking them but explain again that you have quit and don’t want or need to smoke. This is positive action and each time you do this give yourself a very big mental ‘pat on the back’ to boost your pride in your ability to be stronger than your habit. Electronic Cigar

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