Electronic Cigarettes May Revolutionize Smoking Cessation


Cigarette smoking addiction has been a problem for millions of people for decades and in 2008 the percentage of adult smokers increased for the first time since 1965. A new type of stop smoking alternative is taking the addiction market by storm and may stem the tide of the increase in smoking.

Electronic cigarettes provide illusion of smoking by looking like a cigarette and producing a vapor that can inhaled and exhaled. The vapor can be flavored and contain nicotine to help with the cravings. Like other stop smoking alternatives such as the nicotine patches and gum, the amount of nicotine can be decreased over time.


Electronic cigarettes were created in China in 2003 by a pharmacist and smoker who lost his father due to lung cancer after years of smoking. It first became available commercially in China, Europe in 2006 and later that in the United States.

Only in the last two years has the cigarette alternative become popular and it has gained the attention of the Federal Drug Administration who has sought to regulate electronic cigarettes because they administer nicotine. The electronic cigarette industry has fought this regulation tooth and nail and has even taken legal action against the federal government.

How It Works

An electronic cigarette is made up of a battery, atomizer also known as a vaporizer and a container to house the liquid nicotine. The battery is what powers the electronic cigarette and is the heaviest part.

The battery heats the atomizer when you inhale to vaporize the liquid as it hit’s the atomizer. You inhale a liquid vapor that can be exhaled like smoke. It also contains the flavoring such menthol, vanilla, cherry and other flavorings and the nicotine.

The battery is usually taken off the cartridge containing the liquid and charged via a USB port on a computer. The battery longevity depends on the type of cigarette and how old the battery is.


There are many benefits of electronic cigarettes over other standard forms of smoking alternatives. It mimics the actions of smoking, which the patch and gum cannot do. For people that need more than simply the nicotine, the actions create a satisfaction separate from the nicotine.

Also, it lacks the second hand smoke and poisons found in regular cigarettes, so you can smoke without the harmful effects. While the first cost of the starter pack and cartridges will cost significantly more than a pack or even a carton of cigarettes, in the long run the cost or replacement cartridges is less than packs and cartons of cigarettes. For example, if the cost of a pack of cigarettes is between $5 and $6 and the average cost of a “pack” of electronic cigarettes is about $2.50, then it can be an incredible cost saver in the long run. You pay about $100 for the initial starter pack and then $2.50 per “pack” of e-cigs. At $5 per pack, your investment of $100 would be made back after 40 packs. If it was $6 per pack, then you would make back your investment after 28 ½ packs.

Choosing the Right Brand

There are a number of electronic cigarette brands available on the market with a significant range in cost. Anyone interested in trying out electronic cigarettes should research as many unbiased electronic cigarette reviews as possible. Narrow your choices to a select few and compare your price range with the quality of the product.

The longevity of the electronic cigarette itself and how long the vapor cartridges last differ from one brand to another.

Different brands have different battery life, vapor flavors and overall quality. Some can be purchased from local cigarette merchants and other are available primarily by the Internet. Ultimately, you must decide which is the best for you and stick with it if you want to kick the habit.



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