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For something cheaper, I dare to arbitrary demolition, but when the value rose to triple digits, I am still very cautious. When the value higher, I know I need to find partners. This is what I and Portelligent Cooperation Reasons. This mainly comes from discussions with Portelligent and their findings. In addition there is I come from iSuppli and SemiconductorInsights analysis, and finally including some anonymous person familiar with the news.

Degree from the iPhone’s fine, I think it is mainly in China or other places where there are low cost skilled labor to complete by hand. Compared to Compaq’s iPaq3835, iPhone and more of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM telephone and data, with location Sensor , A stronger CPU and more memory, but its form factor smaller than iPaq3835 almost 1 / 3. Apple’s Electronic And mechanical engineering team and co-operation of various semiconductor suppliers results really surprising.

IPhone uses from Micron’s 2 million pixels CMOS sensor, no flash, can only take still images; 3.7v lithium Battery IPhone occupies a large area, according to estimates Apple will charge 400 times the battery has the initial capacity of 80%; its antenna focused on a separate flexible Board , Including 2.4G Bluetooth / Wi-Fi integrated

Antenna and multi-band (850 -, 900 -, 1800 – and 1900-MHz) cellular antenna; 3.5-inch TFTLCD contains NS semiconductor receiver, to 480 320 pixels 160dpi resolution, BroADCom touch screen NXP’s ARM7TDMI controller and together form a co-system, multi point touch the same time.

With EMI protection and the RF board 2 by the number of PCB Composition. Digital PCB’s left is a NAND flash memory, reason to believe that the first use of Apple’s adoption from Samsung MLC NAND flash technology; on the right is an Apple application processor and a marked volatile memory, that treatment by analysis device Chip Manufactured by Samsung, although there may not be from the open market the chip, but hackers by analyzing the iPhone firmware have been a number of information: for example it is based on ARM1176JZF, frequency of 600MHz or more, eight stage pipeline, power consumption 0.45mW/MHZ . Analysis also pointed out that the Samsung firmware contains a graphical CPU core. SemiconductorInsight on the non-volatile memory that is SRAM, which Portelligent that mobile DDRSDRAM. Package marking and management through the core identity and the data sheet, Portelligent believe they are right. I did not see die, so I can not determine what the internal storage technology used in the end, but in the DRAM cost per bit than SRAM’s advantage can not turn a blind eye, while Apple has been reported more than 50% of gross profit can not to control the cost BOM.

NAND flash memory is the upper right corner of ST MEMS technology based on the acceleration of the company IC It is used to determine the iPhone’s current orientation (vertical to the horizontal) to adjust the screen display. Currently this is only the web browsing, photo viewing and iPod audio and video playback and effective. Moreover, the hand-held iPhone, at least 45 angle with the ground (ideal for the perpendicular to the ground) acceleration chip can reliably detect the horizontal and vertical position. According to my anonymous informants news, this is indeed such a prediction before I was due to the restrictions on the hardware. In any case, this should be the iPhone and chip makers in the second generation iPhone in order to solve the problem.

IPhone disassembly: more than just a phone call
In the digital PCB board, there are other major chips, including ARMCPU from the top of Wolfson’s audio codec, ARMCPU the bottom of the Linear Corporation and NXP from the company’s power management chip, CPU and NAND flash memory of from among the National’s Mobile Pixel Link (MPL) transmitter, as well as between MPL and acceleration chip LCD from TI’s step-up transformer. The other side of the main digital PCB is a SIM card from the connector and a parallel interface 1Mbyte SST’s flash memory, it may be ARMCPU the starting chip.

IPhone also full of RF chip board, PCB right from Infineon’s GSM / EDGE radio transmitter, the bottom right corner is a Skyworks power amplifier, Epcos sending / receiving duplexer, PCB on the left is Marvell’s 802.11b/gWi-Fi from the transmitter, from Cambrige’s Bluetooth transmitter, Infineon’s cellular baseband processor and an Intel logo, single die package, double the storage component. Fengyun 32Mbit memory chip containing the NOR flash memory and a volatile storage body, SemiconductorInsights and Portelligent volatile storage on the body has produced is the differences between SRAM or PSRAM.

IPhone there are some connections without components, pictures available on the Web.

For the iPhone, in addition to its elegant and highly integrated nature of obsession for me, there are three areas I am interested in:

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