Samsung Galaxy Leo Apollo I5801 The Best Mobile That Suits Your Perfect Look

Samsung i5801 specs:-The thing is a relatively concentrated width of 113 mm x 55mm while having thickness of 12 mm. It is also 109 g in terms of weight making it a light weight. One of the handsets most attractive features is its 3.2 progress TFT touch screen which gives superior decorate reproduction and an effervescence which is rugged to equality.

This mobile is fit to representation 16 million hues within its pixel screen size of 240 x 400 pixels. Direction around the display and its functionality is given by the multi-touch input method. The phone also comes with accelerometer orientation of image as described by Samsung i5801 reviews.

Connectivity in this gizmo is provided by several capital including class 10 versions of EDGE and GPRS in component to both micro USB and type 2.0 of Bluetooth which comes with A2DP. Cyberspace access is procurable by the handsets HSDPA and Wi-Fi connections which offer speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps.

Satellite piloting is visible through the combined GPS run which comes with support of A-GPS.

Entertainment features are provided in a varied ways distance within this Samsung i5801 specs with this inclusion of a camera of 3.15 mega pixel, which provides you with VGA propertied recording transcription as an option to photographic imagery.

As per Samsung i5801 review, its MP4/MP3 media participant offers downloaded media performing capabilities while the FM stereo radio with RDS offers live alternatives of broadcast.

This mobile phone comes with a quivering and chain preparation options as intimately as an effective speakerphone which uses the digital fresh sound engine technology which is substitutable with Samsung. A phone volume which offers photo call functionality is included alongside useful call records, which retains significant specifications relating to the lastly dialed, missed and received calls.

It offers numerous important features, contained within its aesthetically ingratiating and intricately designed framing. Technologically innovative in numerous ways, this fashionable smart phone provides the way to entertain or work whilst on the move. It combines the look with reclaimable features and a simple substance of completing number of tasks. Having complete knowledge of this phone will make your choice smartest while buying one.

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