The Electronic Cigarette Argument ? Nicotine and Quitting

If you only know one thing about the electronic cigarette, it’s probably the fact that it contains no tobacco, none at all! It’s not really unfair to say, that in the few years that the e cig has been available, that its lack of tobacco has been one of its strongest marketing points, if not the strongest.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are still not anywhere near as widely available as its tobacco counterpart and that your best chances of getting hold of one are ordering one from one of the many online companies you can track down on the internet, it appears that the product has a lot more going for it than just the issue of no tobacco.

To the ordinary Joe in the street, if they were to read of the battle that the e cigs are having, simply to be a legitimate product in the marketplace, they would likely be astounded that something that clearly has so much potential is facing such heated opposition.

All sorts of reasons have been touted by those that would wish for electronic cigarettes to just quietly ride off into the sunset and never been seen again, such as the fact that it still contains nicotine (although you can use e cigs with a nicotine free cartridge) and of course nicotine in its purest form is a poison. All well and good but regular cigarettes (which despite warnings on their packaging are still sold in their masses) contain the nicotine and the tobacco!

As mentioned in the above paragraph, electronic cigarettes can be used (vaped) if so wished with a cartridge that contains no nicotine. Nicotine cartridges are usually available in various strengths. So, here is a product that absolutely contains no tobacco but can also be used with absolutely no nicotine! Some may say, what’s the point but at least it is an option.

The e-cig is currently not permitted to be marketed as a smoking cessation method. In other words distributors cannot claim that their product can help a smoker to quit their habit. I can understand erring on the side of caution and perhaps some things can only ever be proved many years later, but early evidence suggests that smokers are absolutely using electronic cigarettes to help wean themselves off the tobacco cigarettes they have used for years.

And, do you know what? Many of these long term smokers are claiming it works! The argument is set to run and run for some time yet.

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