The Perfect Phone For Your Pocket: Gphone Q8 Quad Band Android 1.5 Smart Phone With Wi-fi Black

If you are searching for such a kind of mobile phone set which is not heavy on your pocket in terms of price then the Q8 model of Gphone is the quad band android model of 1.5 smart phones. The mobile set is provided with the facility of Wi-Fi features and it is also not very costly. In fact the price of the set is negligible in front of the provisions and features as those provided by the phone. The price range of the mobile phone model is fixed and it is $127.06 which is same for all the available stock.
Weight of the mobile set is 0.106 kg and it also offers the GSM facility of networking at variable frequency ranges. These frequency ranges include 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mega Hertz. In addition to this the mobile phone set offers the functions of 1.3 MP camera and FM radio. There is a sensitive touch screen present in the model. Apart from that the blue tooth and Wi-Fi provides high speed internet facility making it easier for the user to do net surfing easily. The GSM frequency brands offer great worldwide reception of signals and services. This is the specific kind of a smart phone model that is provided with applications necessary to organize the business and pleasure needs.
It is not only the functions and general features mobile phones but also the appearance and overall outlook of the device which is counted. In this regard most of the users prefer to buy such models of mobile phones that are not only versatile in functions but also unique in appearance. The unique Q8 model of mobile phone provides all these features with great ease and facility. This is a bar phone model with black case and 2.8 inches LCD display screen. For more information please visit
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