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Disinfection is the largest Sterilization equipment Research and production base, disinfection and sterilization equipment and radiation therapy equipment, has occupied the first domestic firm stable position, with the hospital and pharmaceutical use with the sterilizer sterilizer two production lines, including high-pressure sterilization cabinet for more than 70% market share.

Advanced technology to dominate the domestic

Xinhua Medical (600,587) ahead of the domestic industry, the key is strong technical strength, the growth of the company’s performance has laid a difficult enterprise with industry and related businesses advantage. Currently, most products Xinhua medical technology has been close to or reached the international advanced level, while the price difference between imported products in general 3-8 times, with high performance and low cost. The company has five national key new products, state-level new products, two state-level Torch Program projects, 21 patents, access to technology progress award number; cleaning and disinfection device project filled a gap on the automatic cleaning , highly competitive advantage.

As the technology leader in the domestic competition and the strength is far difficult enterprise, the company’s dominant domestic market share is very strong domestic position of the first. Xinhua is the largest medical sterilization equipment manufacturer, is also the only Chinese brand in this field, the market share of nearly 40% in high-pressure sterilization cabinet for more than 70% market share. In the three additional items of medical Xinhua put into production, this market share will be rewritten.

Additional financing in May last year, construction of three major projects, the progress of the current status of the project is to cleaning sterilizer actual investment 70,261,900 yuan, the project schedule was 92.45%; non-PVC soft bag infusion automatic production line of actual investment 67,827,300 yuan, progress of the project is 92.91%; blood irradiation device project actual investment 40,389,100 yuan, the project schedule was 49.86%. Three projects, the first two projects have been started in the second half will have a good scale, a third project will be completed in the third quarter, fourth quarter will also create new benefits. Xinhua three projects will further enhance the market share of health care is expected to increase to 60%, to become king of the area, future growth potential is enormous, investors may wish to focus.

Medical Electronics Linear accelerator boost performance

Xinhua developed XHA600D medical linear accelerator has passed expert appraisal. Because of this medical linear accelerator and treatment beds using advanced design, implementation of the fast and accurate digital control of the beam and to identify experts agree that the success of the product, increase the level of domestic medical accelerator technology, adapted precision radiotherapy, so that our country of such products in the high dose rate, fast out the beam, digital control technology, the new structure of the treatment bed technology, and reached the international advanced level. The product is a medical

Xinhua core competencies to improve business and products developed for grades. It consists of the console, host, treatment of bed three main components, including the host, including the rack, the treatment head, and by the magnetron, microwave transmission systems and high-performance speed control system composed of the accelerator. Accelerating tube of the product by optimizing the cavity design to improve host performance microwave systems due to the use of the phase adjustment techniques, thus increasing the maximum dose rate (up to 400cGy/min) transport efficiency, achieving a fast and accurate the beam. The product’s control system uses computer control technology, the components and communication protocols to connect through the console to realize the digital control. The new structure of the treatment bed space due to the use of the non-braking valve technology to achieve a zero gap locked position, thus achieving a high strength, high-ray transmission.

Medical linear accelerator, successfully developed, will allow the medical high-tech products Xinhua Adds strength, further widening the gap with similar enterprises, future growth prospects are very gratifying, and investors concerned about the long term.

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